Three Actionable Steps towards Preventing Police State Injury/Execution : The Rant

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Diane was born to social consciousness. Murder, Bull Connor, Vietnam, the 16th St. Baptist Church, threats against her activist mother, Malcolm, Medgar, Fred and on and on, dyed her childhood red and informs her worldview.  

A gifted writer, Diane enjoys a history of solid news reporting. From the Denver Weekly News to the award winning Not Ur Momma’s News, Diane has served the community through the exposure of government scandals, insightful interviews and editorials that incite both thought and action. Also skilled in business development; her Mastermind groups, e-Courses and one-on-one Leadership Mentoring has helped solopreneuers expand their visions & businesses for nearly a decade. 

Diane regularly contributes her talents to community organizations from rape crisis centers to the Urban League Guild in order to help them meet their goals of increasing educational & economic opportunities in marginalized populations. Well known for her social commentary, Diane is currently researching the correlations between 18th and 21st century economics and their social-psychological effects on the middle class for her upcoming book: The Lynching of America

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Three Actionable Steps towards Preventing Police State Injury/Execution

by Michelle Roberts on 07/04/14

Good morning African America and the rest of y’all. Thank you for stopping by; I’m grateful you’ve decided to spend a bit on your long weekend with me.

Was struggling with what to say this morning; y’all know how I feel about “holidays” like this one and I know you’ve heard the “What the heck are we celebrating rant” too many times to want to hear it again. So off I go surfing for news and distraction, and after reading about a 2-year-old shot at point blank range, catching up on the Dr. Ersula Ore travesty and requesting updates on the police shooting of yet another young black man, I re-realized how desperately we need an action plan to free us from the dangers of an increasingly emboldened police state. I don’t know if what I’ve got qualifies as a plan; I’ll let y’all decide that. But this morning, instead of rehashing what we all already know about the hypocrisies in/of the land of rabid greed and the cellblock of the slave, I’d like to offer a few simple steps we can take to help protect and free ourselves from the increasing dangers of life in a police state. By the way, if your brown, poor or in any way victimized by the bastardization of to protect and serve, these steps will work for you too.

1.       Strive to not be alone in public places including your workplace and grocery store. Having a witness/witnesses may prevent an otherwise inclined officer from becoming belligerent and/or aggressive.

2.       At the first hint of impending law enforcement contact, activate the spycam app on your cell phone ~if you don’t have a spycam app, get one ~ and enter 911 on your keypad. Keep your phone(s) clearly in hand until the encounter is over and the danger has passed.

3.       Know the law and respond according to it. When law enforcement gives a direct order without establishing cause for that order, ask if you are under arrest. If yes, comply. If no, ask am I free to go. If yes, immediately walk away toward a populated area. If no, repeat the first question. If the officer becomes belligerent, call 911 so the continuing conversation is indisputable, ask the officer to have his/her supervisor respond to the scene and repeat question one. Stay calm, plan a safe retreat and stand your legal ground. Worth repeating ~ this works best if traveling in groups of two or more.

Sidebar: I don’t like guns. I don’t own a gun and I am not advocating that anyone purchase a gun. However, I know that many of you are both gun owners and appalled by the intimidation/fear tactics right to carry organizations are spreading across the country and the increased danger inflicted on marginalized and ethnic communities by these actions. If you are a legal gun owner who is fed up hate wrapped in the 2nd Amendment, might I suggest that you are ideally positioned to stop the insanity. How? Take a Jacksonian approach (George not Andrew) and join their ranks; march with them, meet with them and make it clear you feel the same way about protecting your family, community and property as they do. There is little danger of arrest or violence because any negative action on their part proves your and millions of other American’s point. A sustained infiltration of this type would end the public displays of intimidation post-haste. So, if it sounds good to you, gather 15 or 20 of your closest gun owner friends and work off the bbq and beer with a good long march.

Happy Independence Day y’all!

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